Friday, 8 May 2009

An Actual Blog

I don't want to just write in this blog when I have something deep and meaningful to say. I want to be able to use this to conical things in the way that blogs do. I have been pretty absent from here as of late which has bothered me because I feel like I was starting to get quite good at this whole typing-how-I-feel malarkey. So here I present to you, a blog.

Johnny and I are going to be going to America, New York in fact, in the middle of this July. I am rather excited. Not least for being able to meet various people like Tessa and Liane (I haven't spoken to either for a while, I hope they are free from the 14th to the 21st of July) but also the fact that we will be, well, in New York. It's where that programme that is always on E4 is set; you know, the one with the friends...

I am slap bang in the middle of exams right now. I have three next week a bit of a break then Catalan, Spanish and Chinese back to back on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of next month; that is going to be SO much fun, reprogramming my brain three days in a row. I feel more confident about exams this time round, I think because I have done very well in course work this semester (I got more than a couple of firsts ^_^) but I am very conscious about not getting to cocky with myself. These exams will be tough and I need to do well to get myself into good classes for when I move to Nanjing.

Speaking of Nanjing I have already found somewhere nice to live. All the people sound awesome and the rent is incredibly cheap, something along the lines of £130/140 per month including Internet and utilities. It's an all Chinese flat who had a student from Manchester Uni staying there this year and wanted another English speaker, which is where I step in. I think I have already accidentally volunteered myself into a cook-off with one of the guys... I seem to do that a lot. Gotta love my ability to turn anything into a competition.

I almost forgot, it is going to be my birthday this next week, exactly a week today now that it has turned midnight. It has sneaked up on me and I don't like it. 20 has no -teen on the end of it and quite frankly it scares the shit out of me. I am exiting the realms of being referred to as 'young' (in my books anyway) I I enjoy being young. I will no doubt get over it. 18 did the same to me.

I will hopefully be at least planning a video tomorrow by the way. The audiovisual-interweb part of my life has been very neglected recently because of school, exams and just a pinch of laziness.

With that I bid you goodnight.

- 杰仁