Friday, 30 January 2009

I feel like I have done this all before...

As in applying for Universities. Today is the deadline for applications for Universities in China for my year abroad and I had forgotten how ridiculous the process was.

Firstly, university websites are invariably shit. I have yet to find one that isn't stupidly confusing and impossible to navigate. They also don't tell me what the hell I a going to be doing as a international student there. I guess it will be a nice surprise when I get there, lol.

I have been basing my choice on how easy it will be for e to continue studying Spanish. If I go to one of the big cities there will most probably be a way of e signing onto some kind of Spanish course, but it would be nice to go through the University. I have fallen a bit in love with Nanjing, which is kinda like the cultural and historical hub of the country and it's really pretty, this is the building that they see to show off a lot, I like the green-ness ad stuff.

The city is also really close to Shanghai (in Chinese terms, it's about 300 miles away) so it's pretty central.

God I'm babbling.

I also wanted to talk about the last few days cuz they have been lovely. We had the rnli silent disco which you can read about on Dave's blog in more detail and then I hung round with Mhazz in London. She was lovely even when I dragged her round the China section of the British Museum babbling about the Qing Dynasty. I had forgotten how much I loved that girl, it had been bloody ages since I had hung out with her.
We did lots of lovely stuff after having lunch with the Lex but I will talk about the later cuz I have lots of pictures I want to upload but I don't have my computer with me right now. I'm in Essex btw, chilaxing after my exams, which didn't go too badly.
That's kinda why I've been absent here and on the Tube, I' planning on vlogging pantless at the weekend at some point... don't ask.
See you sexy people soon, I have a lot more to talk about but later okies :)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sexy New Shoes

Take a look at my 好看新双球鞋!
They are SO sexy! And they were only £5, I was orgasming all over the place.

In other news I have my Chinese exam tomorrow morning. I should be revising but my head is saturated with grammar and Chinese characters so I'm gonna go music shopping for a couple of hours and maybe get a coffee.
I don't know how it's gonna go, I have done a decent amount of revision, whatever will be will be, I just want it to be over.
I also got offered a job yesterday! which is nice, more about that later.

Sheffield was lovely btw, I met a vlogger who not only went to my old school, but was also in my form group! HOW INSANE IS THAT?!?! Brentwood clearly invokes a tendency towards putting yourself all over the internet. Hi Caroline if you're reading this! She can be found >>HERE<<.

I'm off to town. BYE!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Tea cosy/ Beanie

My brother gave me this fantastic teapot for Christmas, it is by far the present I have used the most. It has a built in strainer and everything: very high tech!
However, as you can see, it is metal. It therefore does not retain heat as well as say, a clay pot. What would be ideal would be a tea cosy, I am , unfortunately, poor.

Remember how your gran always used to say (maybe she still does) that you looked like you were wearing a tea cosy when you wore a beanie?
Well, I have ironically turned this misconception on it's head, and am now using one of my old beanies, as a tea cosy.That is all.
If you are going to the Sheffield gathering tomorrow I will see you there.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Skype Convo

These seem to be quite fashionable to post on ones blog, so I thought I would jump on this band wagon too.
I noticed this when I came back from teaching today:

Alex says: omg this song ... <3

Jazza says: inorite!

Jazza says: it's about a miscarriage

Jazza says: so sad

Jazza says: :(

Alex says: Yeah :(


Jazza says: on a lighter note I am now learning Hot 'n Cold by Katy Perry on ukulele

Alex says: because of Kristina?

Alex says: :P

Jazza says: well maybe

Jazza says: and because it's only 4 chords that I know already

In the words of @CheekyChen


Ready Meals FTW

Lunch Today:

So wrong but oh so right:

Go on
Judge me

I now feel kinda ill...
learn from my mistakes kids.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Break

I have done a huge chunk of this essay today, proud of myself, am about half way through 3000 words right now. I want to get to at least 1, 800 by the end of today, being a substantial amount over half way is good for the moral me thinks.
I have to see my dyslexia person about it on Thursday, I want to have at least a finished draft by then, so it doesn't matter if it isn't sleak and polished by then, as long as I have a begining, middle and end, he will then help me make it make sense.
I was stupid and decided to do the essay on Blogging and the Internet in China, which I now know is ridiculously hard to do. In any other subject matter it's fine to have sources from 2003 or 2005. With blogging and the internet that is like a lifetime ago, but hopefully the marker won't mind and will still have the mindset of someone who uses books as their main source. It is also practically impossible to find any books or academic essays on the subject. If anyone knows of any sources I could use other than wikipedia and Time magazine, then please do tell.
I do, however, have a ridiculous amount of web sources, CREDIBLE web sources, which should balance out the lack of books.

I am getting less and less worried about my exams next week; I have one on Monday and one on Wednesday. I'm not expecting anything more astounding than a pass, I just want to get into the third year, which sounds like a terrible philosophy, but... muh! I'm not sure what the lack of worrying is down to, maybe because I am feeling less ill or that I am actually doing a half decent amount of work for them. I dunno. Something about today has made me less stressed, calmer.

I have been strumming on George the ukulele between my writing bursts the last few days, I do like making my crude attempt at music. It might not be ground breaking stuff, but there is something increadibly satisfying about picking up an instrument and having it make sounds that are considered not just viable to your ears but to tohers as well. Granted I have only played to people thorugh skype, so the sound quality may be being very kind to me, but I htink I am making some kind of progress. I have now got my version of 'We're going to Ibiza' down to a T and am working on 'Biology' by Girls Aloud.
Saying I'm working on those songs makes me sound less credible all of a sudden. Haha.

On the music topic I have found a couple of lovely aritsts on myspace that I would like to share with you. Both are techno and poppy and alternative, all qualities I like in my musicians.

The first is an artist from Beijing called Sulumi. He remixes Gameboy music and it is effing amazing. he can be found >>>HERE<<<

the second is a young Italian girl who goes my the name of MEG and sounds very much like Bjork, which she probably gets a lot in reviews and stuff but that's only because it is true. I found her through whataboutadam's myspace and can be found >>>HERE<<<

Right I'm proibably going to go watch something on 4OD, eat some dinner, play some pokémon, do a bit more work on this essay then go to bed.

Long post today, hope I didn't bore you.

Can't be bothered to spell check so don't judge.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Chirpy Sunday Blog

For some reason I am incredibly productive when I wake up early. I arose today with a toothache and a throbbing head from hell but now all seems to be cleared and well (probably due to the copious amounts of paracetamol I have taken, always read the label kids!) and I have accomplished a startling amount. I have done a bit of revision, almost mastered 'We're Going to Ibiza' by the Venga Boys on George the Ukulele and have created my own banner on paint. Granted it isn't going to be appearing in the Tate any time soon but I am proud of it.

That's an idea, an exhibition of people's YouTube banners, I should call someone important and arty about it.

I was going to go yoga today but decided against it. I went for a walk after teaching yesterday and it killed me, so I am going to shy away from any kind of physical activity until I can survive without the drugs. Instead I am going to go to Costa where I have one of those posh £20 gift voucher thingies that looks like a club card or a credit card (a present from Christmas). I am thinking free food... and so apparently is my tummy as it just grumbled.

Last night I also finally sent off my application for a study abroad programme in Beijing that is funded by the EU. All I have to do is pay for the flight out there and then I get food, accommodation and language lessons paid for, which should be sweet. I find out if I get in on the 16th of Feb. and the course itself is three weeks in March.

I am planning on doing a vlog today. Don't worry, Uke playing will be kept to a minimal.

Also! did i mention I got featured? That was nice :)

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I have been thinking about buying one for a while. I am planning on traveling a lot and this is a small and easily transportable instrument and apparently easy to learn. and so here he is. still thinking of a name.
I am hoping the Nunes and the Alex (and Tessa and Tom) are proud. It has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to jump on the band wagon.
I am now going to learn some chords.
happy new year btw