Friday, 14 November 2008

Collab Channel Whore

I was on VlogRamen yesterday, and after being on 5AGirls on Monday and once standing in for Alex on 5AGuys I feel I can safely be labeled as a YouTube Collab Channel Whore.

Here is the VlogRamen video, purely because this page is just text at the moment and needs to be broken up with something:

In other news I am getting better with my jet-lag/ weird-sleeping-pattern-that-isn't-even-Seattle-time-any-more. But only in the fact that I am waking up at 3.30 in the morning rather than 1.

I am volunteering today and going to see Quantum of Solace, w00ts will be had.

Standard Blog

Havn't just blogged in a while/ ever so here I go.

I got mentioned in Charlie's video that he posted last night and got an extra wave of about 100 subscribers and on top of the 100-odd that I got off 5AGirls I have gone up a fair bit in the last week by doing... well nothing.

Aside from shaving off my hair.

Speaking of which people seem to like. My boss at Fuse FM today just stared at me for about 10 seconds looking all confused and just said, "Jazza?" He then went on to say I actually looked like a human being now, which was nice of him. I just wish people had told me I didn't look human before I had cut it off and then I could have made the changes earlier.
I think I'm going to keep it short now, or at least for the forseable future. I think it looks good.

I am meant to be the flavour packet of the week on VlogRamen today. I am having issues with my computer, as per usual, so I may have to film and edit it on one of my frieds lesser-quality cameras but regardless something will be on that channel before the day is out. I am meant to talk about martial arts... confused as to how I am going to work with that.

The computer issue is also why I havn't posted on rhyming for a while. I got a virus, had to have the computer wiped and now have a laptop that has none of the necessairy programs that I need for editing, socialising, etc.

I have such a hard life.

Speaking of a hard life I meet this kid that I am meant to be teaching for the first time tomorrow. very excited. I am volunteering at Wai Yin which is an organisation that helps out with the Chinese-English community in Manchester. I am on the youth project and because I have an English teaching qualification I have been asked to so some tutorials with this kid called Ken. He has 'learning difficulties' and has been through two tutors already so I hope I will do OK. What kind of difficulties I don't know yet, which is kinda annoying, but I get to look at his file half an hour before I meet him tomorrow. Would have liked more time but hey ho.

Which reminds me, I have to write him a test to find out his level of English... poop!

In other news I am trying to get in touch with the people who make Sexy Beijing to see if they do work experience. I would want to do it next summer before I start my official year abroad in China in September and love their work. I just hope they do internships... *crosses fingers*

I think that is all I need to be talking about right now.

Video will be up asap, I promis you big time!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I am home! I have missed it, my little island called Britain. No matter how much an awesome time I had (which I did) I did miss it so - rain and all.

America is a lovely place, a bit weird but everyone I met was nice and genuine and made me feel happy and wanted, especially Kristina and all her flat mates, I will miss you all.

I will say that the language barrier was a problem. When I had my lay over in Amsterdam I genuinely felt more understood speaking to the Dutch compared with America where a cookie is a biscuit, a biscuit is a scone and scones don't exist.

I wanted to tell a little story that is completely unrelated though.

When I arrived in Manchester it was reaching 11 o'clock. Now, today was the eleventh of the eleventh and this day, every year, in the UK at least, there is a two minute silence to commemorate the people who layed down their lives for their country and people and their freedom in wars throughout history. So for two minutes every year the whole country grinds to a halt, women, children, men of all shapes, sizes and colours in a breif moment of unity. And it makes me so proud to be part of the human race.
The respect, the humility that is expressed with this anual ritual honestly blows me away every time and I am proud to be a part of it.
It feels kinda silly to say I am proud to be part of a two minute silence, but I am, ok! So there! *sticks out tongue*

I'm not sure how many other nations do this, I am pretty sure Japan don't because there was a Japanese woman at the airport wandering around with her trolley looking very confused as all the people stood still and silent. It made me chuckle.

There wasn't much point to this story, it's probably the jet-leg making me all sentimental.

Videos will come soon.

Oh and btw, got my hair cut, see it here.

I am also reading Barack's book 'The Audacity of Hope'. I like his writing style. He uses a lot of comas, like me! ^_^