Thursday, 28 August 2008

Emotional Drainage

It's the last day of the teaching course,

emotionaly drained,

will tell you about it later.

The return to the real world is gonna be scary.

Keep Safe


Monday, 25 August 2008

'The name Jazza refers to someone who's amazingly awesome'

I know these probably don't refer to me specificaly

but omg there are three entries for 'Jazza' on urban dictionary.

Has made my day


check out number one!
pretty accurate me thinks

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I may have to seek out some help for this.

I knew this course was going to be intensive, but good god it has fucked with my sleeping pattern even more than the exam period did... and trust me that is really fucked.

I just had to turn down going out for a curry with the guys (when i say 'just' it was four or five hours ago) because I went to sleep at 7.45. This has really annoyed me, I was really looking forward to just chilling out in the park, with a curry, but no! My body clock ruins all.

Now 7.45 may have been an acceptable bed time when I was about... oh I don't know, 8?! But not very applicable to the lifestyle of a 19 year old. Especially one living in Spain when everything happens later. I am still adjusting to eating my lunch and about 2.30.

Aaaaaaaaaand, further more I have woken up about 4 hours earlier, fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the world... at midnight.
Kinda pointless even by Spanish standards.

So i am up now,
and trying the iconic remedy which is hot milk and honey

... am half way through the cup and I still feel like it's 8am.

in other news, I am in love with this man.

I miss my UK YouTubers

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Right now I am so happy.

Great Britain... the team from the country where I am from, are third in the Olympics, third... behind China and the USA, which basically means we are first.


I am so happy

This is insaine.

Just, bloody hell



... I like the olympics... If you can't tell.


Now watch me orgasm:

Friday, 15 August 2008


I was featured on the Canada from page
YouTube friggin loves me at the moment!
this is just insane!
rhymingwithoranges is going international!

I'm just... this is silly
Yay for me!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


rhymingwithoranges now joins the likes of the gnooze and davisfleetwood in the ranks of

Yes I am now an official YouTube reporter...
that is all
bye bye now


Monday, 11 August 2008


Over the past few hours I have been very confused as to why a certain one of my videos, ´My Grade Inflated´has been getting so many views.
I mean, it isn´t particularly revolutionary and I only ask for my peeps´opinions, as I usually do.

It has recently passed 9,000 hits and is now easily one of my most viewed videos (my most having 50k from the YouTubeUK feature) and now I have found out why... I think.

My video has been ´spotlighted´which means it is at the top of some page somewhere where lots of people can see it. Which is lovely as I have just clawed my way back onto the 100 most subscribed list for the UK, woot!

But yeah, it´s kind like those premium honours, no one is really very clear as to what they mean or do, and now spotlighting has come along...

it all just very confusing.

If you have no idea what I am talking about then ignore me.



Internet Cravings

One of the irritating things about where I am staying in Barcelona is the Internet.
The views and the architecture are amazing, the people are fun and entertaining, the weather is super hot and I think even I am starting to get a tan, which is practically unheard of.
But the internet is really shitty.
And for an internet addict like me this is not doing me wonders for the withdrawal.

I did say that I was going to take a break from YouTube and the rest of the internet as a whole whilst I was here in Barcelona on this course. However, I have subsequently made a video, started a blog and am in the process of teaching my land lady how to start up her own podcast.

I think I may have issues with following things through.

The flat I am staying in is lacking the human right that is Wi-Fi. Remember the days when the web was first installed into people’s homes, with dial up and everyone else in the vicinity not being able to go anywhere near the phone? Well this is my current reality.

And to be honest Barcelona and Spain as a whole seems to be quite behind in the Wi-Fi revolution. I was reading an article in an English language magazine that came free with my coffee today, showing the bars and restaurants that offer said service... there were five. In the whole of Barcelona there are five restaurants that offer Wi-Fi.

Let’s just say I’m not impressed.

It also isn’t doing wonders for my Olympics addiction. With my usual choice of newspaper rocketing in price from the equivalent of €1.20 to €3, I am kind of relying on the internet to get my regular doses of Olympic-Mania, I didn’t even realise Team GB had won their first gold until I read it on the back of a newspaper of a very red (he was verging on radiation) fat man from across the beach today.

Again, not impressed.

In consequence to this I am writing this in Word, am going to go into school early tomorrow to check emails, upload this and inform myself about everything in the way of the sporting news, and maybe get clued up on this whole Russia vs. Georgia shit that be going down.

Keep Safe,

Saturday, 9 August 2008

I, Sportsman

With my last video I put up I have had a couple of people disagree with me ('I usually agree with you... but' seems to be the phrase of the day) and to be honest I was expecting it, this being a very hot topic at the moment.

I love it when people disagree with me, I feel like it challenges me and really tests how strongly I feel about the view point I have demonstrated. But today one specific commenter said this:

"The Olympics are a competition for getting first place, and from my point of view, only promote spite and even hatred. That doesn't help countries work together, now does it? Sorry, but I have LOTS of problems with organized sports, the Olympics in particular."

And quite frankly I can't disagree more.

Not many people know this but I used to be quite a good swimmer in my day, I swam for my county and got quite high up the national rankings. When I was younger I used to dream and fantasise about going to the Olympics. Unfortunately, due to injury I was not able to continue with this aspect of my life to the level that I would have liked and had to leave the sport in terms of competition.

Although my swimming days are over I know for a fact the countless hours I spent in the water and on poolside for competitions have had a gargantuan impact on who I am today.

From my sport I learnt about hard work, discipline, fair play, friendship, winning and losing; all things that I believe are in short supply these days.

The truth is, yes, in any sport you are aiming for Gold, to be the best, and yes there is a lot of bad publicity with drug taking and gamesmanship, some sports more so than others. But the Olympics have always been a beacon for all that is positive in sport. Drug takers are banned, all are encouraged in the way of fair play and athletes who have devoted their whole lives to becoming the best they can be are justly rewarded.

The hosts of these games may carry with them controversy, but the Olympics provide us with a rare glimpse of people of all backgrounds united, under the banner that is sport. I may be cheesy, but God knows we need a bit of it now a days.

Keep Safe


numero uno

Here I am, the blog of rhymingwithoranges

This started of kinda badly seeing as 'rhymingwithoranges' was already taken as a url, so this is 'rhymingwithorangesblog' etc etc etc

As you will all probably know I youtube, am learning to teach (which I still have to check myself every time I say), am studying at Manchester Uni (Chinese and Spanish), and my name is Jazza... yes it is my real name... don't ask me again.

This is going to be me distracting myself yet again from the more productive things in life and making it easier and easier for Google to keep tabs on me.

At this precise moment in time i am in Barcelona on this teaching course and am thoroughly enjoying it. The people here are great, my class buddies and those I am teaching. I am missing all the cool stuff happening in back in the rest of the world though. Have already missed two London youtube gatherings, one festival and countless nights out that I was planning on attending, but what you gonna do eh?

This will be updates whenever and I will talk about whatever... I seem quite moody in this blog so far, I assure you I am not, I am eating couscous (so good they named it twice) and drinking orange juice; I am quite content.

I would just like to link you afew things:

If you are interested in China like I am then check this show out:

also I am involved in a little side project with Barry Aldridge, NSG and Laura(bubble) called MyBoxx Collective, it kinda interesting but is in baby steps mode at the moment. Still check it out: