Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Curious Incident of the Disappearing Yellow V-neck Cardigan.

My heart was broken today, not by a fair maiden or by the death of a small creature that was round-eyed and fluffy - cute yet incredibly ugly. No, it was ruptured by a gorgeous item of clothing, you have probably guessed by the title and you would be correct, it was indeed a fabulous yellow v-neck cardigan.

We first met in the afternoon of Tuesday, known in some circles as the second day of the week, known in others as the third (depending on whether you consider Sunday or Monday the start of the next seven days), but universally known as yesterday.

It was cold and rainy. I sauntered into a quaint little shop called Pop Boutique; a specialist in grossly overpriced vintage clothing, accessories, furniture and food. I had been planning on purchasing a yellow jumper-esque piece of apparel, yet with little success. But now, oh the wonder! A beautiful shining sunflower-colours cardigan, with a deep v-neck and little brown buttons, caught my attention. I tried it on, loved it, but due to my compulsion to not be too spontaneous, especially vis-a-vis vintage clothing.

I was accompanied by my good friend Anna, from Portsmouth, she is staying with me for a couple of day. As we continued wandering through the Northern Quarter when the rain decided to increase in intensity - Anna straightens her hair so we had to hurry home before the Mr. Hyde to her Dr. Jekyll was brought out through a mass of damp curly hair.

The cardigan, I assumed, would be waiting for me tomorrow - if of course I still wanted to buy it.

The next day (also known as today, as well as Wednesday) I still wanted to buy it.

So after Anna's audition I dragged her back to the Northern Quarter to purchase the cardigan of which I have declared my undying love... It was nowhere to be seen. It had been bought by another. It had effectively cheated on me (although not really because it is an inanimate object).

So, writing this blog, in such a flamboyant manner is how I am attempting to get over this heart-breaking situation by trying to be mildly comical about it.

"Oh, it was just a silly little cardigan"

I will say to those who raise the topic.

Just know, inside I will be weeping.


Nicholas said...

So... you're gonna leave for China soon, but your biggest problem is the non-purchase of this cardigan.
Right ;)
I mean, I can be the same with articles of clothing, but, you know, I'm weird so that's my excuse.

Pam said...

Vintage food? Ew!

LaDitsterNo1 said...

Those are disappointing experiences. My rubber boots left me in a different city, but then made their way to me 8 months later. Maybe your sweater will find you too.

If we're potentially in HK at the same time, I want to meet you.

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

oh Jazza, there are other fish in the sea!

this one is nice!


Madeline said...

I'm sad for your lack of fabulous yellow cardigans, but happy for your amazing and 'sutble' book reference. Happy Times!