Thursday, 11 June 2009

The most viral I have ever been.

A couple of days ago I posted a video about a political Party called the BNP.

I knew what I was getting into when I did so; the BNP have a lot of ‘trolls’ on the interwebs and are quite keen on spamming. I have come across them in the past with other videos where I have mentioned any viewpoint that is vaguely liberal.

This video seems to have done rather well. It got a huge initial response, especially amongst the twitter folk after a lovely man named Charlie insisted on many people re-tweeting a link to the video. It was a buzz seeing page of people linking to my video.

So many of the comments have been incredibly positive, I thank all the lovely people.

I also thank the haters, I have missed them, and haven’t had a wave this big since my last feature. I feel so old referring to the time when YouTube had a user generated front page, those were the good old days. I’m such an old-timer. I have never taken personal attacks… well… personally, and I quite honestly find them funny. The comments that rant about the violence of Islam and how they are going to shoot everyone in a turban (wrong religion mate) are more worrying but you take them with a pinch of salt; the person typing that probably hasn’t left the chair in front of their computer since the 80s.

It is the people who, for want of a better word, make sense; who meld the first two kind of negative comments into a singular form. They can subtly rip my confidence to shreds and at the same time make a plausible argument for their voting of the BNP. I struggle to deal with these comments. I do my best to respond with my wet, liberal counter-arguments but there are just so many.

Dealing with this third breed is something new for me, I have had them in the past, but not in this volume. It is emotionally draining just reading them. Because of this I have decided to take a break from my comments section; something I despise doing. I have often said that the comments are where the magic happens in rhymingwithoranges – my videos are a bit rubbish, I am just repeating the news, but the discussions that happen because of me recounting what is happening in the world are awesome.

With close to 10 000 hits in just over two days, I believe this is the most viral I have ever been without a YouTube feature (again, feeling old). The initial comments from my more regular viewers caused an emotional high, the more recent BNPers, who have dominated the last twelve or so hours of comments, have brought me crashing back down to earth. I can only expect the second half to grow; ratings will drop and wonderful comments will be thumbed down but I guess I have to hold onto is the fact I am putting my voice out there and being heard. That why I do this, that is why I am here.

In the mean time I am just immersing myself in work and Priscilla Ahn. Her music is wonderful, listen to it – it will always make you feel better.


Helen said...

Even if there is a plausible reason to vote BNP it will still never be morally right (in my opinion).

I like the comments that just accuse left-wingers of being brainwashed.

Well done on getting so many views. It is impossible for you to have to discuss ALL the comments but I think you have done the most important thing in that discussion IS happening. And that 3rd group of people - although had to 'deal' with (I understand totally) - at least encourages a more interesting debate.

Ruby said...

Hi Jazza,

I saw your video on the BNP party.
I found very interesting, as I'm not British but have been keeping myself informed of the occurences throughout the elections.

Your video showed your point of view and opinions, which I found deeply informative.

Dont let the confusing ''third type'' hater comments bring you back down. I also saw a video response that was made to you by an elderly man who spoke of you as a jewish person ''probably''.

I intended on defending you in one of my comments on his video, but Im not sure if my message got across.

I sometimes get frustrated when I see that, still, in this day and age, there are people who will contradict you or me or whoever just for the sake of it. What frustrates me the most is the fact that they dont listen to the opinions they are witnessing. They skim over the top and jump to conclusions.

Keep up your spirits Jazza, I can tell you , many many many people support you in what you believe and in what you say.

Hope you're well,

Anonymous said...

Jazza, everytime I read one of your blogs or watch one of your videos I can't help but think 'My God, what a truly lovely person.'

From what I know of the BNP, they have very few points I'd ever agree with, and just don't seem to be an ethical party.

Unfortunately I've been insanely busy at work and kept meaning to watch your video about them, but forgot until today... I'm a terrible subscriber.

Caitlin said...

I completely agree with you on the BNP, and since I'm from Liverpool, in the North West, it annoys me more than I think it would've done; most British people nowadays have some foreign blood in them anyway, so I don't see what the problem is.

You're a lovely person and have as much right to share your views as anyone else.

Ed said...

Hey Jazza,

Definately don't lose your faith in humanity as I'm sure you've restored this exact faith in humanity for many other people with your words.

I saw your BNP video yesterday and the video 'response' which wasn't really a response and more like a video with a separate agenda.

First off, an appeal to age never works and certainly anyone, regardless of age, can comment on a public domain like youtube without being labelled a 'commentator' that was "talking for the Jewish people" (where did he get that from?!?!)

I thought it was funny when he said "do your research" and went on to say how "no one knows how many were killed in the Holocaust" in support of BNP's views; seemed like he didn't pay much attention to your video as in it, you mentioned how Nick Griffin denied the Holocaust happened at all (he didn't get to debating the number of deaths as for him, the whole thing was a lie!!)

Also you didn't claim to be an 'authority' on the Holocaust as that man believed, you were just giving your opinion! An opinion which has led some people to (astonishingly) conflate your views with being Jewish and upper class; "an uptight Tory" as one comment said!

Don't ever stop giving your opinions. The kind of vblogs that you make are the heartbeat of every great democracy. Keep the pulse going!


p.s. I was very embarrassed when I realised that I had used quotation marks, sorry about that! I've learnt the error of my ways :)

Nicholas said...

I know how you feel. The third group is the worst to deal with. They try to use "logical" arguments, "facts", among other things to get you down. There is no way to argue with them, because if their logic is flawed and ignorant to begin with, you can't win.

I keep hoping that people like them will die out, but sometimes I fear that it'll be the people like me dying out... the academics have an issue with low birth rates after all.

Dave said...

If you don't get some haters and rated down from the original 5 stars your subs give you in the first day, you're not being controversial enough!
That just means you picked a good topic.

VanillaxSmoke said...

Don't get yourself down, Jazza! :) Most of the people who really matter agree with you <3 Thanks so much for posting that video, along with all your others. I'm not British, but i think it's really awesome to be able to follow some of the news from you :) Don't worry about the haters, spammers, etc. Your subscribers love you <3 Just think of those 9,669 people who care enough to get updated so they can watch each and every one of your videos as soon as they're uploaded. <333

Anonymous said...

Hey Jazza

I recently watched your video on the BNP and I compleatly agree with everything you said, not only does our country do well and need the EU but to have such a diverse and well rounded socity is amazing, it makes me proud to be british...I cannot wait to bring my children up in a country where just walking down the street allowes them to encounter so many different walks of life, and hopefully with this knowledge it will provide them the means to judge a person on character and not just race and religion as so many people do nowadays...

Congratulations on getting so many views, I think if anyone was going to do it, it was going to be you...You provide an outlet and a good place for young people to learn about things that will effect us and do effect us in everyday life...and you do it in a friendly informative way...Dont worry about all the people that think the BNP are right, they will see it for what it is eventually...

Love ashleigh (16)

Elrich89 said...

Oh Jazza, Jazza, Jazza.

You merely have to remind yourself of this: these people are wrong. They always have been, and always will be.

Just know that you are right.

More importantly, they will never hold any major political office of any sort. At least not in this country.

Lastly, perhaps most delightfully, these people are a dying breed. They are! The people of the world, the millions of diverse ethnic groups, are intermingling and interbreeding. One day, to be a racist would be an insult unto oneself, as it will be impossible to find a citizen without a mixed heritage.

Stay strong!