Thursday, 16 July 2009


So, I shook Anderson Cooper's hand yesterday... sorry to go on about it, but I a still having to remind myself that it was real. I think he is a fantastic reporter, especially the way he entered the business, and I also admire him because he has managed to make it in a business full of words while at the same time having dyslexia; shows there may hope for me if I ultimately decide to go into journalism.

So yeah, yesterday was kinda a big deal.

It happened because one of my friends is doing a short internship at CNN in New York City. Her name is Asia (like the continent) and is like my own personal YouTube whorer. Whenever she introduces me to someone I am always announces as the guy on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of hits... all I can say is that she needs to take a look at some of my friends if she wants to see people with ridiculous amounts of hits.

Anyway, she is kind of intent on me applying for an internship at CNN, she has apparently been talking to the people she has been working with (I was told my several people that they had heard a lot about me) and it looks like I might apply. We had a tour of the studios, watched AC360 live and even got roped into doing some work. It was all kinds of awesome.

I do feel kind of guilty for leaving Todd (who is sitting next to me right now) and Johnny for a while but I will give them both love and attention all day long today.

Oh, by the way, if you havn't tagged on yet, I'm in New York City.

In other news I have decided to go through rhymingwithoranges and private all of my non-Debate vlogs. I want the channel to appear more streamlined and professional. This comes after I talked with a guy who is trying to pitch me a kind-of-a-big-deal interview and said that personal side of the channel might hinder me. I can understand that.

I will definately still make vlogs, but if I post them on RWO I would private them after a while. I am still toying with the possibility of starting a secondary channel for bog standard vlogs. God knows most people are subscribed for the debate anyway.

Okay, I need to start thinking about breakfast: a meal that I genuinely believe the Americans have got so wrong. I mean, pancakes and bacon? Really? And don't even get me started on waffels.

All the best.


Dave said...

A second channel sounds quite sensible in your case. Would save you privating everything.
I've probably got a spare you could have. =P

Caitlin said...

American's have terrible sweets as well! My best friend always mentions sweets they have (she lives in New Jersey), and I'll be like, "What about Millions?" or something, and she'll be like this;
"O_o ...the number?"

I think a second channel would be easier (:
Have fun in NYC.

Lubby said...

Talent, p'shaw. Anderson Cooper is also as hot as journalists get. That's mostly why we watched him for election night coverage. Talent + the Pretty.

I never eat breakfast so I won't really comment on that, but honestly, we have terrible sweets? We have a gajillion tasty candies. The last thing America needs is more sugar.

Liam Radge said...

I would subscribe to vloggingwithoranges :D
Glad you're having fun in the US! <3

Nicholas said...

I would probably move to the US for the people who are genuinely very nice. But I'd have to live in the country as well :-/

See you on TV then :)

Kaitlin said...

What's wrong with pancakes and waffles?
They are delicious.
Especially with eggs and hash browns.Damnit. Now I'm hungry and disappointed that the uni's breakfast sucked so much this morning. :(
But I see Caitlin's comment over to the side. Yes, we have some shitty candy. I have had Cadbury, and I'm not sure if I can eat Hershey's the same anymore.
I'd love for you to have a specific vlog channel.
And what's with the comments bashing my country? Come on. the people make the country! So, if you don't want to be here because it's the US, you obviously don't want to be here for the people. Come on. What's wrong with here? WE HAVE LARGE BALLS OF TWINE! Nothing wrong with that. If anything, that makes the US the greatest country in the world.

Minish said...


You shook THE Anderson Cooper's hand? You're so fucking lucky. <3

Fat. Bitch. said...

Vloggingwithoranges does sound pretty good. =)