Monday, 14 June 2010

Korean Revision

I have been absent from the Internet for a while. For this I should probably apologise. I would like to think that it was a conscious decision to focus more on my studying in the run up to the exam period, but now I look back I do feel I have to ask myself if I have pulled my finger out and got work done.

I was in South Korea with Adam for the past ten days. It was impulse buying in its most spectacular form. I was talking to Adam on Skype, he was talking about going to Korea, I decided I fancied a holiday, I had just received my student loan, so five minutes later I was booked on a plane to Seoul. I then soon realised this holiday was the week before my exams started, but you know what? Bugger it, I had an awesome time.

I was a good boy in Korea though. More or less every d
ay we found Adam a department store to go and wonder round for an hour or two so I could sit in a cafe and work my way through my HSK vocabulary. Here is proof.

Korea was just what I needed though, even if it did stifle my productivity a little. I had a nice step back and China feels fresh again, I missed greasy food and soup noodles.

I go home two weeks today. There will be a wedding, hopefully some gatherings and some meetings, then I am off to Spain for work experience. This end stretch is passing far too quickly.

I'm now off to have some sangria with a Japanese friend of mine who is going home. Tata!


hopeonatenspeed said...

i was so going to email you about how i started writing a song for you...
and then i wasn't even mentioned in your blog.
or something.

i missss your face.
you left a t shirt.
i'm not telling you what i plan to do with it.

Jeff Edelman said...

Good to hear that you are alive and well. Glad that you had a chance to take another trip.

The Bunny said...

Sounds like epic times all around. I hope that you'll keep doing your vlogs once exams and all that jazz are done! The trips sounded like epic fun, jealous me.