Monday, 8 August 2011

SitC 2011

As per usual, I have been in charge of putting together the Summer in the City Publication. As per usual again, we went right down to the wire but you will all (well... the first 350 of you to give us money) get your 16 page SitC souvenir this year packed full of advice, commentary and pretty drawings.

As a little taster of the publication and next weekend, here is a sneak peak of my forward.

It’s not a lie; some YouTube careers are born more equal than others. Some have the funds to buy the best equipment from the start, some get sponsored by big companies, some of us are cuter than others, some don’t have to deal with firewalls and there are those that are just more talented than others – don’t you just hate the talented people?

That said, we all have one thing in common; we all started from zero. There was a point in every YouTube channel’s life where the number under subscribers said, “0”.

This is worth remembering now that our gathering turns three and YouTube turns 6. It can be very easy for those of us that haven’t been as successful as others, and those of us that are just starting on the site, to look at those with huge success with envious eyes. “Why is that not me?” we may cry. Just remember that if you encounter someone with more subscribers, they were once on the same rung of the ladder as you.

It doesn’t just go for the negative. YouTubers sometimes have a tendency to put those on the site who are more successful on high pedestals. If you are scared to go up to a person at this gathering which you are attending, remember that they were once in the same position; a nobody in the crowd of what felt like the coolest most talented people in the world. Swallow that fear and go and talk to those who you admire, I can guarantee both sides will be happier for it.

That said; if you are a fan-girl, please keep the screaming to a minimum...


It's BIG.. said...

i think you ARE cuter than others ;-)

Tom SP B said...

Good advice, Stay Safe :)

- said...

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