Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Rolling on...

Right, I’m finally here; I am finally no longer panicking about moving to China for the next year, I am finally not stressing about what to remember, what to pack, what to leave. I am finally just happy that I am going, that I have this opportunity.

I was scared the world would move on without me – nearly to the point that I thought I would come home next year and I would literally be replaced by an upgrade of me – just as political but with twice the cool. I then realised no one could equal me on cool. (jksloljks)

The last twenty four or so hours have been insane. So many texts, messages and general love coming my way – it has been inevitable that I have unintentionally not replied to peoples’ attempts at contacting me. If you are one of these people I apologise but I hope you will understand the intensity of the past week or so.

Summer in the City, the UK YouTube community’s baby, was last weekend. I helped organise, I had an amazing time, I welled up on the train home. I couldn’t have asked for a better (unofficial) send off. I loved every second; the selling, whether it were the publications (mine and Paul’s baby) or the musicians’ merch. or Johnny’s Tees on the Saturday night. It was an awesome way to meet new people – just wandering round the gathering and chatting to people as I convinced them their lives would not be complete without The SitC Pub/ Dave’s new album/ Johnny’s Dead Blob Tee etc.

One of the fantastic things about the weekend was the fact people from all over the planet came. We knew we had marketed it like that; as a global gathering, but I don’t think any of us organisers would actually let ourselves believe that anything like the number of foreigners would make the journey. Americans, Dutch, Belgians, Australians, French, German and for some reason an awful lot of Canadians came. We were this little cultural melting pot in the middle of London – it was just mind-blowing.

And the gig at the Luminaire: it was quite simply delightful. I had a massive grin on my face for the whole evening. I nearly cried when I saw Mhazz play her set – bearing in mind I have known her for close to two years, back when she was writing songs about me, Alex and Liam – I saw her as a grown up woman for a first time that night and it was wonderful. I have a habit of subconsciously adopting my friends, so I feel almost parental pride when they outdo themselves – it’s silly but contributed to a lot of the warm fuzzy feeling that night.

When Dave performed I sat on the stage and just swayed and sang – then panicked at his last song and ran to re-open the shop to sell all his wares. Tom and Greg weren’t too shabby either.

We are already looking towards SitC 2010, the Facebook group is up and it will be even bigger and better. I think this is why I was so freaked out about leaving for Nanjing – leaving all these prospects, so much stuff is happening now in my world. I am missing out on the RNLI project, SitC 2010 as well as other things. It’s a shame.

But then who the hell gets to go, study and live in China? I am blessed, whether it’s by Allah, God, Buddha or Lady Luck – roll on Nanjing, roll on China. I will speak to you guys soon.

- 杰仁


Anonymous said...

Good luck mate! SITC was awesome :)

anenglishteen said...

I was gutted I couldn't go to SitC. It looked amazing and really well organized! Good luck in China, and enjoy it! :)

Dave said...

You're gonna love every minute of China! Just don't forget us back here on this little island, you hear?!

And if you're not back for SitC 2010, I will fly out there just to give you a slap.

Do you know your address out there? Send it to me if/when you do. =)

Gary + Cheeky said...

You know what I think; this comment box isn't big enough for my love towards you. Be safe and come back to us x

Bekky Nixon said...

Jazza, it was SO lovely meeting you at SITC, you are an absolute delight!

I know you'll have an AMAZING time, and I'm sure we'll meet again one day. Keep us all updated on how you're doing!


eibbore said...

Have an awesome time in China. The experience will be amazing. I just came back from a similar thing in New York and although it's not a large culture shock as your experience will be, it was amazing.

Look forward to meeting you at SitC next year, hopefully! ^_^

(ashl33_16) said...

Good luck Jazza, gutted I couldn't make SITC but glad it worked for you all and you all had a fantastic time. Have fun lots of loves xx

theresa said...

hey jazza :)
reading your blog nourishs my hope that some time soon I might also relax about moving away. Although there will only be half the country between my family,friends and me(about a 6 hours drive - so nothing against the distence between you and your home) I am really scared about missing a lot, especially about my little brother's life...
I experience and enjoy this 'warm and fuzzy feeling' quite often recently, when my older brother comes home and the whole family is united or when I see my friends, not sure when I will see them again.
On the other hand I am looking forward to moving, getting to know new people, studying a new subject...
oh dear, sorry, I talk about myself too much!!

So have fun in China, and don't worry: we won't replace you by someone else!
It might help to cure my crush on you, though^^

better say bye ;-)

theresa said...

ouch! we won't replace you by ANYone else....
SEE?! English teachers are needed in Germany *brazenly giving a broad hint*

Ashleigh_Layzell said...

Jazza, I wish you all the best, no one will replace you. I am pretty certain of that one, because there is something about you :). I really hope you achieve everything you want and more, Be safe, have fun and remember " Just be your self and have a ball"

Stay cool (: