Wednesday, 1 December 2010

BEDiD 1: Blog Every Day in December

Well, hasn't it been a long time?

Believe me when I say I have missed you, the Internet, the videos, the blogs, the comments, the scathing hate, the unadulterated praise, the healthy banter, all of it. And as a result of me missing it (especially in recent months) I have decided, not on a storming comeback, but on a steady drip, drip, drip back into the virtual world of the Interwebz. This little mini-project, Blog Every Day in December (BEDiD, as I shall now name it) is the first step in getting me back on the proverbial wagon.

See, I feel all excited already, I have a 'project'! It's like I'm Dan 3.0... just without Revision 3 or the plethora of fans.

December, I hope, is going to be a particularly interesting month for me. I shall be finishing my third semester here at Nanjing University, having a Chinese Christmas and going travelling at the end of the month. I also hope to be set to return to YouTube in the new year (fingers crossed), so I should have plenty to talk about.

If, however, you would like me to talk about anything in particular (just like the good old days, ah, remember when I made videos and we talked? Good times) then send me an email to

At the end of each post I will have a lighthearted little entry in what I hope to soon become The Great Book of Chinglish, comprising of words that friends of mine and I have come accustomed to using when we live in China, but when used amongst non-Chinese speaking friends, are generally greeted with confusion.

The Great Book of Chinglish, Entry 1.

Buzh - [booj/ booge]

Chinese Root/ 不知道 , bù zhīdào

Meaning/ "I don't know"

Mary: Would you agree with Mao's declaration that capitalism is all dogs' farts?

Da pi: Buzh, I never read that red book thing, I went to the shops and all they had was the French version...


shannancy said...

I love you in your face.
And I have missed your presence here on the interwebs. Let us hug.
Happy December!

Brett said...

I kinda liked the internet better without you. Just saying.

Stefan Lamb said...

I was just wondering the other day when you'd return! Fantastic!!
I really hope this BEDID of yours isn't just another damp squib. Many an internet personality has promised something everyday of somewhen.
You better deliver, Jazza!

Kali said...

It's great to see you're blogging again! I was also recently wondering when you'd come back to the internet.

caliowin said...

wow, not checked your blog in ages, and today I strike GOLD! Blog every day December!? Oh yes. Can't wait.

Allayna said...

I'm so happy you're back!
I was also, actually, incredibly happy that you had, like, a REAL life (because, I hate to say it, but I generally don't like the fact that people can live off YouTube -- minus Buck, who deserves it all)!
But I am happy that you're back, and blogging, and this is great! :D

Heartze said...

I miss you on Youtube! Please come back! (Of course I'll understand if you're too busy. :D )Going to read your blog everyday this December!