Monday, 11 August 2008

Internet Cravings

One of the irritating things about where I am staying in Barcelona is the Internet.
The views and the architecture are amazing, the people are fun and entertaining, the weather is super hot and I think even I am starting to get a tan, which is practically unheard of.
But the internet is really shitty.
And for an internet addict like me this is not doing me wonders for the withdrawal.

I did say that I was going to take a break from YouTube and the rest of the internet as a whole whilst I was here in Barcelona on this course. However, I have subsequently made a video, started a blog and am in the process of teaching my land lady how to start up her own podcast.

I think I may have issues with following things through.

The flat I am staying in is lacking the human right that is Wi-Fi. Remember the days when the web was first installed into people’s homes, with dial up and everyone else in the vicinity not being able to go anywhere near the phone? Well this is my current reality.

And to be honest Barcelona and Spain as a whole seems to be quite behind in the Wi-Fi revolution. I was reading an article in an English language magazine that came free with my coffee today, showing the bars and restaurants that offer said service... there were five. In the whole of Barcelona there are five restaurants that offer Wi-Fi.

Let’s just say I’m not impressed.

It also isn’t doing wonders for my Olympics addiction. With my usual choice of newspaper rocketing in price from the equivalent of €1.20 to €3, I am kind of relying on the internet to get my regular doses of Olympic-Mania, I didn’t even realise Team GB had won their first gold until I read it on the back of a newspaper of a very red (he was verging on radiation) fat man from across the beach today.

Again, not impressed.

In consequence to this I am writing this in Word, am going to go into school early tomorrow to check emails, upload this and inform myself about everything in the way of the sporting news, and maybe get clued up on this whole Russia vs. Georgia shit that be going down.

Keep Safe,

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Zoe said...

I think we need to get Amnasty International on this shit. Wi-fi is an undeniable human right, up there with clean water and ginger.