Saturday, 9 August 2008

numero uno

Here I am, the blog of rhymingwithoranges

This started of kinda badly seeing as 'rhymingwithoranges' was already taken as a url, so this is 'rhymingwithorangesblog' etc etc etc

As you will all probably know I youtube, am learning to teach (which I still have to check myself every time I say), am studying at Manchester Uni (Chinese and Spanish), and my name is Jazza... yes it is my real name... don't ask me again.

This is going to be me distracting myself yet again from the more productive things in life and making it easier and easier for Google to keep tabs on me.

At this precise moment in time i am in Barcelona on this teaching course and am thoroughly enjoying it. The people here are great, my class buddies and those I am teaching. I am missing all the cool stuff happening in back in the rest of the world though. Have already missed two London youtube gatherings, one festival and countless nights out that I was planning on attending, but what you gonna do eh?

This will be updates whenever and I will talk about whatever... I seem quite moody in this blog so far, I assure you I am not, I am eating couscous (so good they named it twice) and drinking orange juice; I am quite content.

I would just like to link you afew things:

If you are interested in China like I am then check this show out:

also I am involved in a little side project with Barry Aldridge, NSG and Laura(bubble) called MyBoxx Collective, it kinda interesting but is in baby steps mode at the moment. Still check it out:




Anonymous said...

Hi Jazza :)

I live in Singapore, which is really close to China and I speak chniese too! Well, my point is it's really nice to know that many people (like you) who don't have chinese-speaking backgrounds can also be so passionate about it.

Keep blogging and stay safe!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Nyera said...

Hi Jazza =)

I've never been into politics really, but I really enjoy your vlogs. Learning about british government and other world news is quite fascinating from your point of view. there should be more people like you! I think you're cut out to be a great teacher

DOA said...

why have u blocked me on youtube??

Zoe said...

I loved the youtube show you connected to in this blog! such a culture clash, so cool. Do you think you will ever travel to china to study one day? That would be sweet.