Saturday, 7 February 2009

La Música

I am so weak when it comes to CDs.
haha, I just realised you can figure out exactly how much I spent from this picture as well. So no need to tell you :)
One of my tutees didn't turn up for his lesson today so I had a long lunch and went shopping and got the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and the Supremes and Beatles greatest hits. I also wanted to get myself some new gloves and jogging bottoms but then realised that I failed in funds.
I did something interesting today... at least it was interesting for me.
I completely started a fresh with my iTunes. It felt kinda liberating, cuz I had a lot of dead weight on there in terms of songs I never listened to, so it feels nice to have a new start. I have imported my CD collection (which is ridiculously vast) and am now gonna ask people on skype to send me music and therefore start some playlists that are contributed by lots of lovely people. I think it will be nice especially seeing as I'm gonna be away for such a long time in China in the comming year. Music is the best way to remember things and people.
If you see me on Skype then send me over some stuff, it'll be nice. You can have a playlist on my iPod dedicated to you :)
I also found a couple of bands I like a lot. One is the one that was used in PJ's featured vid. It's a guy who goes by the name of Ghost Hardware and he is very good. It reminds me a lot of Postal Service for some reason. Find the music >>HERE<<

The second is a band that cam into the FuseFM studio today who have had me singing their song in my head for the past 5 hours. They are called The Momeraths (not sure how to pronounce it) and remind me of... Magic Numbers... kinda. Just listen to them >>HERE<<


Barry Aldridge said...

I need to start importing every CD I got into MP3s very soon I only got 50 per cent of them done.

I heard a lot about Slumdog Millionaire whether it is the film or soundtrack

Dave said...

Ghost Hardware is fitttt! I can send you the rest of his stuff, it's amazing.