Sunday, 1 February 2009

the one with pictures and maps

First things first, IT'S SNOWING!

Also I wanted to show you pictures from my day in London which involved the RNLI silent disco (a video in which you can see me making a fool of myself and being sexy, HERE) and generally chilling and being very cool with Mhazz.

To represent the silent disco that we did in the middle of rush hour in Waterloo station (initially very embarrassing, gradually one of the best things in life ever) here is a still from some video footage I took of Iain being the personification of awesome. The footage itself is very funny and will be in a vlog shortly.I love him.

After much walking around the city of London which included making Mhazz listen to me talk for about half an hour about the importance of jade (the stone, not the Goody) in the Qing dynasty and a lovely lunch with Lex (alliteration ftw) we ended up near Liverpool street killing time before I met my Dad to go home. We stumbled across this restaurant very near to Tom's favourite shop, The Duke of Uke. This particular restaurant was very special as you can see from the following picture of said establishment and Mhazz being very cute.

A classic routemaster (you like the pun, 'Rootmaster'? It made me chuckle) bus that are becoming really rare in London. It's a vegan and organic restaurant and they played very cool Spanish music. I forgot to ask them what they were playing, which was a bummer.

The kitchen area was downstairs and the seating either upstairs or outside. It was bloody freezing so we chose upstairs and became very quickly fascinated with the old fashioned wind down windows. We also saw this through the window... which confused us a little.
I swear the thing that has been strategically placed on top of the car belongs in Super Mario or something. regardless, very cool!

I am going to put the google/maps reference here if anyone is ever in London and wants to go check it out, I highly recommend it. It's about a 10 minute walk from Liverpool St. station.

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That is all. Yes, my next vlog will be done without clothing on my lower half. I am off to play Travian. My username is JieRen and my first city is called Xincheng if you care (Chinese geekyness ftw!). I am on server4.



euphonious said...

I love that restaurant!
It's so amazing!!


Zozo said...

Ooo, I really want to go to a ear bud rave! And that restaurant looks amazing.

Graszood said...

I'm actually going to London in the next month, I hope I can convince my friends to go and see this restaurant!