Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Fresher(')s Week


For those of you that don't know my laptop is off being repaired because I sat on it when I was in Barcelona. Yes I am that much of a spaz.
It comes back tomorrow (hopefully) and I have been surviving by mooching off of computer clusters and the Internet capabilities of many of my lovely friends (thank you all).

This has meant no videos, no blogs, and only limited IM and Facebook which, as well as metaphorically kicking me in the balls in terms of my social life, has ruffled the feathers of many good friends I have online.

Don't worry - I haven't been avoiding you, technology just hates me.

So I have moved up to Uni(versity) in the sunny city of Manchester and am currently in Fresher's Week (is that meant to have an apostrophe? I should probably know seeing as I am meant to be teaching English next week, ARGH!) and quite honestly I had forgotten how much I hated it.

I am generally not a very good example of a stereotypical student in that I have a vague idea of what I want to do with my life, I don't drink and won't go anywhere near a cuppa-soup. In terms of going out I will be quite happy to go out dancing with a few mates, but for God's sake can we please do something other than shuffling around in a club like a pack of sweaty sardines every weekend? I would much rather spend a fiver going to the movies or cooking a meal or going to a gig (ok, a gig will more often than not be more than a fiver... as will a meal but you get my drift) than spending £20 for tickets to a club where they squirt watered down vodka at your face. I wear contact lenses! What if it gets in my eye?!

The point of it is that Fresher(')s week is the epitome of everything I can't stand about student life. Mob mentality, alcohol and so many fliers shoved in your face that you wonder how many rain forests have perished just so you can know about the wonders of '90's Roller Disco on Saturday nights at Pure!' on glossy paper.

Am I old, tired and grumpy?

Yes I am.



linkaneo said...

ahahah... you're right about freshers' week and the flyers thing xD It's my housemate's freshers' this week, and it was mine today in college and i was just covered in leaflets advertising the nearest gay bar, "If you take some leaflets we'll give you candy!" as some kind of weird incentive to release one's (nonexistant)latent homosexuality upon the rest of the foyer. You're not the odd one out. Hope your computer gets fixed soon, properly =)

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

hmm...i think i have found possibly the only other (young) person in the world who doesnt drink and want to go to the same overrated hangout spot every weekend. i have more than just a vague idea of what i want to do in a few years too. maybe we're mature?

or it could be old, tired and grumpy. meh.


ps. this post epitomises (is that a word?) why i think you're the most awesome youtuber ever.

The Parselmouths said...

Ha. This is why we get along I think... in the week that Eia and I have moved into the fun collegey part of Seattle, we have opted to stay home, watch movies, and cook ourselves dinner pretty much every night we've been here. I feel old and lame too sometimes but man, not only is constant partying not fun, it's TIRING. :P

ZoeMoi said...

Yes, Jazza, prepare for being contacted by Geriatric1927 for bingo-nights xD

Just kidding, you're not old or odd.. Can't remember a time in the past 2 years where my school haven't been covered in flyers and posters and no one reads them! it's such a waste!
So, you sound normal to me :)

Anonymous said...

It's ok. I know you are a confident-enough person to do your own thing, rather than follow the sheep.

Lots of people don't drink and like to do more exciting stuff. It's just that we're outnumbered by the drunkards / dancers.

P.S. Apostrophe -> Freshers' - because Freshers is plural.

Zoe said...

Wow, thank you for expressing my pent up frustration with this whole drinking shabang. Alcohaul frankly gives me the willies, I like to have my facilties about me.


Anonymous said...

yay! someone who feels like me. Though I did enjoy most of Freshers week at manchester... we went out but also spent a lot of time watching dvds and chatting.

if you're flatmates are going out to a club, i'd go to the cinema with you, since I love the cinema and people never want to go with me :(

Anyhoo, love the videos, keep them up, and I loved the manchester canal in your latest, vvery nice! :)

whereabouts in manchester you living?

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

Ha, couldn't agree more