Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm worried

I'm worried I have lost my chance to get the third series of my radio show.

I'm worried I have let my Chinese slip far too much over the summer.

I'm worried I am letting YouTube slip (nearly three weeks without a video is kinda hard core).

I'm worried this teaching English malarkey is going to fall flat on it's face.

I'm worried I'm not going to be able to focus enough this year to get any work done.

I'm worried about my group of friends and the cohesiveness there of.

I'm worried I'm not getting involved enough in extra stuff at Uni.

I'm worried I'm worrying too much about this whole thing.

For some reason the second year is so much harder than the first.

Quit whining Jazza, be a man.

I promis I will not post on here again untill I am up beat and loving life.

- Jaz


Anonymous said...

Don't worry your life away. It'll all find its way of working out. Do what you have to do and find time to relaz in between.

p.s. have fun in seatle! You and Kristina are the cutest. Please propose XD

linkaneo said...


It upsets me that you're so concerned. I could say "don't be worried" but that's easier said than done, so instead I'll say, its okay, it'll pass. You have an awful lot of things not to worry about, and I'm telling you now your English teacher "malark" will not fall flat on its face. Beleive in youself - you've got something that'll take you far. If you're unsure about your chinese don't stress it'll make it harder, just know that you learned it once it'll come back to you as soon as you start again often. I hope your worrying stops soon - you really shouldn't be at all =)
I know that sounded really crap but I'm trying to show concern, and want you to feel better, and i never was one for words.

Anonymous said...

Prioritise: What can you do deal with right now ? And the next thing ? etc

If we don't have a video for a few weeks so you can survive, then we will cope !

"I promis I will not post on here again untill I am up beat and loving life."
RUBBISH - Please use this blog to vent and get things out of your system.

Barry Aldridge said...

Jazza. Dont worry about everything, I mean everyone wins at something and we all lose at something. If some things fall apart, move on with your life, I think thats the best thing.

Good luck with Seattle Jazza.

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

you'll turn out ok kid. don't give yourself an ulcer :)


Zoe said...

Wow, hear you with that. It never rains but it pours, but I hope the worrie has subsided!