Friday, 26 September 2008

Real Life

I am scared that I am taking on too much stuff this year. What with teaching and learning three language at once and other things that I don't think I can tell you about as of yet.

In other news I really want to go to Charlie's for his birthday and shave my hair off but am scared I can't cuz I have lectures the next day and I am poor.

At least the fangirls will be happy that the mop won't get the chop.

oh, that rhymes ^_^

This video is cute:

I wish I could focus on stuff.




Anonymous said...

Jaz, in between all the other things, please make time for yourself too - to rest and recover and just chill out.

Zoe said...

You know... maby you are being presumtive. Maby your fan girls WANT the mop to get the chop. =-)