Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Hair and Other Things

I can't sleep so blogging is what I will do.

Ok, just so you know I probably won't be cutting my hair on Friday. I have a few job interviews coming up in the next week or so and I don't want to look like a skin head as a first impression. However hair will be shaved off, but roughly one month from now when I am Seattle with the lovely Kristina. She will be doing the cutting and the video will be uploaded to fiveawesomegirls. So we still have a good month of hair left and more time to promote and to raise more money. I havn't spoken to the other guys about this yet (ie Alex and Charlie) but I hope it is ok and they will understand.

There will be a video uploaded to RWO on Friday explaining all this. I hope people won't think I am a cop out, to be fair I am still going to do it.

I uploaded a video earlier this evening about the trip to Poole with the RNLI and other YouTubers and then realised I didn't explain the situation (ie the mystery packages, who the eff the RNLI are etc) so I had to add in an annotation and explain myself in the side bar. I hate annotations.

Most people in the comments so far seem to be more preocupied about my hair coming off, so muh.

Here is the video in question:

Regardless I really like how this video turned out, some of my better editing skills coming through... didn't even know I had any so yay for me.

I have also just now finished a collab I have been working on for over a month and a half with the gnooze, davisfleetwood and the resident. I am probably going to upload this to RWO on Sunday, but I want to get their approval first so it may be later.

No videos for ages then I decide to make 3 in one week. Overcompensation? I think I need to give myself a rota again.



Ausrine said...

wow I can't really imagine what youtubers will look like with shaved heads :\ I hope charlie's live shindig worked out.
and I'm looking forward to the RNLI stuff that's coming up! I hear they're going to do more mysterious things? hmm..

Anonymous said...

Wow. From miles of hair to none !

Did I miss the video somewhere where someone said what all this hair-shaving was for ?uoyfvrev

Zoe said...

heck, Im all for overcompensating!