Friday, 30 January 2009

I feel like I have done this all before...

As in applying for Universities. Today is the deadline for applications for Universities in China for my year abroad and I had forgotten how ridiculous the process was.

Firstly, university websites are invariably shit. I have yet to find one that isn't stupidly confusing and impossible to navigate. They also don't tell me what the hell I a going to be doing as a international student there. I guess it will be a nice surprise when I get there, lol.

I have been basing my choice on how easy it will be for e to continue studying Spanish. If I go to one of the big cities there will most probably be a way of e signing onto some kind of Spanish course, but it would be nice to go through the University. I have fallen a bit in love with Nanjing, which is kinda like the cultural and historical hub of the country and it's really pretty, this is the building that they see to show off a lot, I like the green-ness ad stuff.

The city is also really close to Shanghai (in Chinese terms, it's about 300 miles away) so it's pretty central.

God I'm babbling.

I also wanted to talk about the last few days cuz they have been lovely. We had the rnli silent disco which you can read about on Dave's blog in more detail and then I hung round with Mhazz in London. She was lovely even when I dragged her round the China section of the British Museum babbling about the Qing Dynasty. I had forgotten how much I loved that girl, it had been bloody ages since I had hung out with her.
We did lots of lovely stuff after having lunch with the Lex but I will talk about the later cuz I have lots of pictures I want to upload but I don't have my computer with me right now. I'm in Essex btw, chilaxing after my exams, which didn't go too badly.
That's kinda why I've been absent here and on the Tube, I' planning on vlogging pantless at the weekend at some point... don't ask.
See you sexy people soon, I have a lot more to talk about but later okies :)

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Graszood said...

Uni websites are terrible indeed. I tried to look on Dutch website, but I couldn't find how many years a certain study was, which is quite an important thing to know, I guess.

Good luck applying! :D