Friday, 3 October 2008

The Video Rupublic

I just got a PM on youtube with this video attched to it, It contains snippets from loads of people on YouTube, including me, Alex, Charlie, Katrina, Molly, NSG (if you look closely) and loads of others.

Maybe I am suceptible to this kind of stuff but with everything that is happening at the moment, with the Mystery Packages, this 'Video Republic' thing and other ideas that people have approached me about but it feels like people have finally caught onto us, have finally recognised that we have something here, not just on YouTube but as a whole generation. I dunno, I just think this is a really exciting time to be involved in this community.

Stuff is happening people!



Nessa said...

all of these things that are happening now are just so cool. i think its great that people are able to see that we're not a horrible generation and that we do care. and wahts even better, we can do it through youtube.

Anonymous said...

That looks great, Jaz.

Zoe said...

Tres cool video Jazza, thank for pointing me to it. I do think that Youtube is the next "step" for communication.