Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Billericay Dickie

For those of you who don't know I am from the beautiful county of Essex, if you who don't know where that is; I am afraid we can no longer be friends.

Around the centre of the bottom of my wondrous home county is a quaint town called Billericay. This is where I have resided all my life. I would like to pretend that It is nice there... but it isn't... it's full of old people, but it does have a lovely Chinese Restaurant where I have spent many a birthday called Yau's by the train station, if you're ever near there pop in there and order the Peking Duck.

However I digress.

I was told by my land lady when I was in Barcelona that there was a song about my beloved home town called 'Billericay Dickie' and I was shocked that I have never heard of it. I have only just now listened to the track and I feel it demonstrates an accurate depiction of Billericay and Essex as a whole... be it an Essex of the late 70's but no matter!

Listen, this is what the culture of Essex sounds like:


Nessa said...

haha. the song was very informative(and also seemed to have no end)but i'm glad i got to know little bit more about your city of billericay.

Jeff said...

I can't believe that you wrote about this. I know this song - and I know it - very well. My best friend always loved this song. And I always hated it, as did our other friends. So he would play it just to annoy us. :) I will remind him of this later on today and he will surely insist that he still loves the song.

Helena said...
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Helena said...

I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and discovered you’re just round the corner from me (Brentwood) and I had no idea. How pleasant.

(And Jesus that song was hard to listen to.) x

dani jones said...

That song sure is... something else. Wow.

Anonymous said...

So, what they say about people from Essex is true then ? ;-P