Wednesday, 15 October 2008

why we are all going bust

MyBoxxCollective is back on and this is my first contribution to the project for a while:

I am proper proud of this, took alot of research and many phone calls to my dad (who loves this sort of thing) making sure I got it right.

Please check out the MyBoxx YouTube and the Blog. It's a really interesting and exciting project that I am doing with Laurbubble, NSG and BaryAldridge.



Ausrine said...

Thanks for making this video. I'm sure many are confused about what's going on and your video is well said and very understandable. You basically took what I'm learning in my Economics class (boo) and put it in an understandable 5 minute video (yay). I hate supply and demand curves, thanks for not going in depth with that :D

This American bail-out is coming from the tax payers incomes. Some find it ridiculous but I find that if we all contribute and attempt to save the economy, it would be much better than having it completely fail. I prefer the UK's plan though. It seems more realistic.

The American government bailed out a bank a while ago (I'm not sure about the details... sorry :[ ) and this bank used about millions (once again, not sure about the details) from that bailout to have a meeting with their head honchos about what to do with the bailout money they received. Many should find this alarming considering that the government used so much money to save this bank, yet they're using it for high class spa treatments and a luxurious hotel for one meeting.


Zoe said...

Refreshing to get comentary on this situation from someone not in the US- thank you!

Frankly this is terrifying me here-
We are seeing looses greater then the great depression in the stock market and the economy is in termoil- going up and down faster then you can think- leading to a very depressed and frightened atmosphere. I wish our presidential canadates would tell us more clearly what they plan to do to bail us out of this crisis.

Thanks Jazza