Wednesday, 22 October 2008


For those of you who would like to know:

1) I am going to Seattle in... 7 days. This means that I have to do as much of the work I would origionally be doing in the holiday week of 3rd - 9th Nov. before the 30th Oct. I have one huge essay (3000words) on the demise of footbinding to do (I have done 99% of the necessairy reading and planned the introduction, background and placing it in a cultural and historical context... that's about 1/6 of the way through). As well as a 300 character Chinese essay due on Tuesday.

2) My computer is quite frankly being a dick-head. It runs on the two forms of 'Safe Mode' but not on the 'Normal' windows option. If I try to run it normally it either freezes when I get to the desktop or doesn't get to the desktop at all. I have tried resetting to a previous date, restarting several times etc etc. I have spoken to a friend and aparently it has something to do with it being Windows Vista, which this lap top came with, so downgrading back to XP is not an option.


I am just very stressed right now. many things are going wrong all at once. At this rate I will be turned away at customes when I get to the US.
*touch wood*

I have the blinkers on and am working hard, hence not alot o YouTube right now although there are many stories I would like to cover and discuss with you guys. Oh well.

I hope you all understand.

I'm gonna go eat something and do a bit of work before going to bed.



3) I also have a bolt (as in nuts &) of a spot (as in pimple) on my neck that is really effin painful.

... like I said...



Zoe said...

Ew Im sorry your situation is so sucky! Much love to you, I hope things get better lovely.


Ausrine said...

I'm sorry to hear about your jerkoff computer. at least stress leads to success.


Anonygirl1 said...