Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Break

I have done a huge chunk of this essay today, proud of myself, am about half way through 3000 words right now. I want to get to at least 1, 800 by the end of today, being a substantial amount over half way is good for the moral me thinks.
I have to see my dyslexia person about it on Thursday, I want to have at least a finished draft by then, so it doesn't matter if it isn't sleak and polished by then, as long as I have a begining, middle and end, he will then help me make it make sense.
I was stupid and decided to do the essay on Blogging and the Internet in China, which I now know is ridiculously hard to do. In any other subject matter it's fine to have sources from 2003 or 2005. With blogging and the internet that is like a lifetime ago, but hopefully the marker won't mind and will still have the mindset of someone who uses books as their main source. It is also practically impossible to find any books or academic essays on the subject. If anyone knows of any sources I could use other than wikipedia and Time magazine, then please do tell.
I do, however, have a ridiculous amount of web sources, CREDIBLE web sources, which should balance out the lack of books.

I am getting less and less worried about my exams next week; I have one on Monday and one on Wednesday. I'm not expecting anything more astounding than a pass, I just want to get into the third year, which sounds like a terrible philosophy, but... muh! I'm not sure what the lack of worrying is down to, maybe because I am feeling less ill or that I am actually doing a half decent amount of work for them. I dunno. Something about today has made me less stressed, calmer.

I have been strumming on George the ukulele between my writing bursts the last few days, I do like making my crude attempt at music. It might not be ground breaking stuff, but there is something increadibly satisfying about picking up an instrument and having it make sounds that are considered not just viable to your ears but to tohers as well. Granted I have only played to people thorugh skype, so the sound quality may be being very kind to me, but I htink I am making some kind of progress. I have now got my version of 'We're going to Ibiza' down to a T and am working on 'Biology' by Girls Aloud.
Saying I'm working on those songs makes me sound less credible all of a sudden. Haha.

On the music topic I have found a couple of lovely aritsts on myspace that I would like to share with you. Both are techno and poppy and alternative, all qualities I like in my musicians.

The first is an artist from Beijing called Sulumi. He remixes Gameboy music and it is effing amazing. he can be found >>>HERE<<<

the second is a young Italian girl who goes my the name of MEG and sounds very much like Bjork, which she probably gets a lot in reviews and stuff but that's only because it is true. I found her through whataboutadam's myspace and can be found >>>HERE<<<

Right I'm proibably going to go watch something on 4OD, eat some dinner, play some pokémon, do a bit more work on this essay then go to bed.

Long post today, hope I didn't bore you.

Can't be bothered to spell check so don't judge.


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