Friday, 16 January 2009

Tea cosy/ Beanie

My brother gave me this fantastic teapot for Christmas, it is by far the present I have used the most. It has a built in strainer and everything: very high tech!
However, as you can see, it is metal. It therefore does not retain heat as well as say, a clay pot. What would be ideal would be a tea cosy, I am , unfortunately, poor.

Remember how your gran always used to say (maybe she still does) that you looked like you were wearing a tea cosy when you wore a beanie?
Well, I have ironically turned this misconception on it's head, and am now using one of my old beanies, as a tea cosy.That is all.
If you are going to the Sheffield gathering tomorrow I will see you there.



Sertion said...

Lol, it looks weird, but actually it's a great idea.

Holly said...

Why not.
Original thinking, that's what that is.
You're going to start a revolution, Jaz.