Thursday, 4 December 2008


I always wondered how it feels to be hacked, seeing the likes of Jaydee, the 5AGirls and sxephil go through it gets the mind thinking. Now it happened to me, and it's bloody hilarious!

Firstly I practically gave them my password on a silver platter. I got a message from the fiveawesomeguys channel posing as Charlie saying that they wanted to upload a promotional video on my channel. I of coarse said yes and proceeded to give them my password... yes, I know, je suis thick as shit!

I remember thinking, this is weird, doesn't seem like something Charlie and they boys would do, but no, my brain was too busy concentrating on the mugs I was painting. More on them later.

the channel posing as the guys btw was fiveawseomeguys, with the s and e switched round. They clearly knew that I am dyslexic and don't notice letter order problems. :P

So now they have control of my channel, of the number one reporter in the UK (I still don't count Jaydee). In their position what would you do? upload a video promoting yourself? Delete all the videos? Leave offensive comments on other people's walls? Change the colour of the home page, change the profile description to say my name is Mr. HorneyBush and transform the channel to Guru?
Well apparently they thought the latter would cause the most destruction... I'm thinking they weren't planning on this little gimmick working and me handing over the password so easily. To be fair until now even I didn't think I would ever be that stupid, shows ya huh?!

All in all I am just sitting back and enjoying watching what they are doing and tinkering with. It's all quite amusing. I just want my channel back so I can watch my subscriptions and change myself back to reporter... I think I may keep my name as Mr. HorneyBush.

When all is said and done, I know YouTube can fix whatever they try and do.

Drop by my channel in the next few hours and have a look at what hilarity these people are cooking up.



Ausrine said...

I would have been terrified if I was in your position! It's good you took it the optimistic way.
I found it odd that they didn't change much on your channel.
oh and I laughed at mr. horneybush.
a lot.

Katie said...

Did they change your password or something? That kind of sucks. I'd be pretty pissed.

James said...

Sorry to hear you've been hacked Jazza, not fun!