Wednesday, 24 December 2008

New Shoes!

My family and I went to London today for some good old fashioned Christmas fun. My Dad was awesome and bought me these trainers (sneakers if you're American) of the Reebok variety.

I love them.

I love him.

Shoes are clearly the way to my heart.

(and yes, I know the photo is sideways, deal with it)

Merry Christmas!!!


Kristina said...

My mom bought me shoes today, too!
But mine are boots. :D

Nessa said...

they're so pretty. i love green shoes.

euphonious said...

Shoes are the way to one's heart.

Seriously. I'd forgive someone a murder if they bought me nice shoes.

:] yay green!

Zozo said...

Yummy! Three cheers for fathers and sons bonding over... shoes.