Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Roll on Christmas

Good God I am shit at blogging. How long has it been?... can't be bothered to look so we will say a good few weeks. I don't know how Alex and the like do it.

I seem to say that I am extremely busy in every post I put up here, this is probably because I genuinely am, but now I am even more so than ever.

I am now volunteering two days a week at WaiYin which is an organisation that provides a community for Chinese immigrants, specifically women and children. I am teaching English to a group of giggly girls on Wednesdays for an hour and tutor a kid with 'learning difficulties' on Saturdays, also for an hour. I have also just landed my first payed teaching job, teaching a girl from a Malaysian family a couple of hours a week. I met the family for the first time yesterday and they were having a domestic whilst interviewing me, multi-tasking ftw! So far as I can tell the argument was over gravy... no joke.

I am also falling behind in my languages, mostly Catalan and Chinese, my brain just feels like it can't take in any more vocabulary. I'm also not sure if I am being lazy or not, putting in enough work... I guess my grades will soon tell.

Under this stress I have kinda started smoking socially again, don't jump down my throat about it, I know it silly and shitty, I just need to relax somehow. I haven't had a proper night out in about a month. I haven't been to the gym regularly for a couple of weeks now either, is this a slippery slope?

I am just desperate for a holiday of some kind (he says just weeks after coming back from America). I just want to not have to get up for anything for a while.

For the reason of my overloaded-ness I had to turn down working with Dennis on his new project for davisfleetwood, which would have been amazing but I just can't be dealing any more than I have to right now, I am struggling to keep rhyming afloat tbh.

I don't mean to be moany, I know for a fact other people on YouTube are having a much worse time of it than me right now but bluuuuuuuurgh!

In other news I went to see a stage production of one of my favourite Chinese novels, Monkey: Journey to the West, which involved a collaboration with a Chinese theatre troop and the guys behind the Gorillaz. It was awesome, but something was missing from the actual show, I had such high hopes for it and it just seemed to lack... something. The x-factor? lolz

I am also hoping to go and see La Clique with Paul at some point before Christmas which should be fun. It's a variety show with women doing amazing things with their sexual organs, strip dances and people rolling around in baths, amongst other things. If we go it should be awesome.

Roll on Christmas.



cheekychen said...

yay, looking forward to that Mr Jazzalot, gonna see if i can get my ping pong ball signed ;]

Zozo said...

Oh wow. You are so brutally honest it is startlingly amazing, and i love it. (I also LOVE how you call arguments domestics... so English).

I know how you feel with the whole slippery slope thang, and I do sympathize. But hold strong! You will survive. Now stop smoking and go to the gym!

Have fun with those girls.