Thursday, 11 December 2008

Happy Teacher Time

So, I know I usually use this blog in quite an emo fashion, to moan and complain, but today I thought I would express some happiness. I taught one of my English classes yesterday and it was an effin ball, I had genuinly forgotten how much I had missed teaching, planning and being in front of a class and seeing them get it, it's the greatest feeling. Of corse there are those that don't want to work, that will get annoyed when I come over to see how they are getting on (one of them tried to hide in her bag... you're 13 for Christ's sake!) but all in all it was a really sucessful class.

Also, because my group are all pre pubescent girls I got Christmas cards, one of them had forgotten my name (the call me Mr. Jazza <3) and so put in the card, "To our 'handsome' teacher." Not sure why she chose to put handsome on quotation marks but I still thought it was really cute.
Good news in terms of teaching as well; one of the teachers for the ESOL classes (which are the ones they run for adults) can't teach on Sunday so they have asked me to stand in and they're going to pay me and everything! I am proper nervous though, it's a three hour class and the longest I have taught before now is only an hour and a half, but it should be good experience, I'll learn alot from it.

In other news I have started planning a story that I have had in my head for donkey's. It's the first time I have actually put down any thought I have had about anything story related, mainly because I hate writing, I have to do paragraphs in short bursts and then have a cup of tea or something.
So far I think the best way to describe it is a cross between 1984, Firefly, Tank Girl and Terry Pratchet with a little bit of Elektra Natchios thrown in. I'm not sure what the outcome of it will be, part of me likes the idea of graphic novel, part of me likes anime, part of me like plain old normal book novel. However, the outcome will probably be nothing.

Also, I am doing something very risky here, this year, my theme for Christmas presents is mugs (which i will then customise for each person), and I am just over half way finishing most of them. I am pretty sure most of the people affected by these presents do not read this blog, and even if they do they won't be able to tell who's is who, or the detail, so here is a pic of them, I am quite proud:


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how, but I think by reading this blog, I became more happy myself. It's great that you're doing well and doing what you love.

Zozo said...

Ah! Cool teaching shabang you handsome teacher you. Nice mugs!