Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I've never been very good at holidays. I don't like being lifted out of my routine to which my body ad mind has become quite contempt to be bombarded with lots of television, food and family all at once.
Don't get me wrong, I love seeing family and friends again. But I don't like reajusting to life back at home.

God, if this is too much a shock to the system then how the hell am I going to survive moving to China next September?! I'm gonna be fucked!

I had also promised myself that I would work hard over this break cuz I have exams in mid-January. This has proven less than sucessful. I have done some work but not nearly enough revision as I had wanted. To be fair once Christmas finishes I should be able to knuckle down. I just don't want to screw these up. I have a chance of doing really well if I apply myself. Fingers crossed.

With Christmas I am genuinly looking forward to the giving and the reaction of people getting the presents I have got them than the ones I am going to recieve. Mainly because I know my presents arn't going to be what they used to be, maybe also because I am getting older and more miserable. :P

I am going to Bristol for Christmas and we'll be traveling down Christmas Day. Hoping for empty roads. We go there every other year cuz that's where my mum's side of the family is from. It's fun. I am hoping to be getting some footage and annoy people with my camera mucho this festive season.

This is all
I am tired. Insomnia ftw!


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Kristina said...

Merry Christmas, Jazza. :)