Thursday, 11 December 2008

Just Plain Gross

This is the communal area where I live. We are a flat of blokes and this is what has resulted in not having a stern woman figure telling us we are dirty and disgusting:

I just wish I had some slef respect... or that I lived with a female... Not that I am being sexist and saying that I would make a girl flatmate clean up. Cuz I wouldn't. If she wanted I would help!

-EDIT- and today we failed an inspection, surprise surprise.


Nessa said... should probably clean that. just saying. i mean, you don't want people to think you're all slobs and gross. i don't think so.

Kristina said...


That's disgusting.

You're right, at the Mammoth Cave, we dont let our boys live like that.

Clean it uppp.

Ausrine said...

ha that is a tad bit gross.
cleanliness is key to an organized mind


ps tagged you in one of my post

Zozo said...